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Green By Nature

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Kid & Pet Friendly Landscaping


Kid & Pet Friendly

Safety First!
At Green By Nature we know how important it is to provide safe landscaping for your children and pets. When designing these areas, we pay attention to backyard surfaces in the areas your children and pets will be using. We will discuss with you things to keep in mind to avoid using in these areas i.e. plants that may be toxic or harmful, pesticides, and fertilizer.

For children we can incorporate:
· Playground Areas
· Tree Swings
· Treehouses
· Secret Gardens
· Bat & Bird Houses
· Flowers That Attract Hummingbirds & Butterflies
· Ninja Warrior Course
Just about anything you can think of to encourage your child to enjoy the outdoors, learn valuable life lessons and supplement their imagination.

For pets we pay attention to your animals habits and consider what they may want for their outdoor enjoyment:
· Paths to Run & Patrol Yard
· Comfortable Mulch
· Marking Post